Baptisms this Sunday (OCT 15)

I’m so excited about this Sunday! we have several people planning on getting baptized,and then joining this local congregation.  It’s been quite a while since we’ve had this many people getting baptized in a single service.  I was thinking that maybe we should go to the River, but this time of year the water may be a little chilly for some people’s taste☺

A while ago I had the opportunity to go some of the old records (1943-45) and they kept a written record of every service, including how many people were in attendance, how many responded to the Altar Call, and then how many of them were approved by the deacons for baptism and membership.  The entry for the next evening service generally went something like this:

Everyone approved by the deacons for baptism at the last service was                                    baptized and accepted into membership.

Once in a while that statement would be followed by something along the lines of

(except for _____________ who was absent because of the flu)

So it’s exciting to see people (especially those from outside the church) wanting to follow Jesus into the baptismal waters.

Lighten your day– listen  to this Baptism Song by Randy Travis


Laymen’s Sunday–Oct 8

Join us this week as we celebrate Laymen’s Sunday. The men of the church will handle the service. This is an annual event, and the guys always do a great job, just as the ladies did last week!

And things start to get busy soon.

We have a wedding (Clint and Alyssia) here on Tuesday (Oct 10) afternoon,

Next Sunday (Oct 15) we’ll be baptizing several people, and receiving people into membership.

Saturday Oct 21st you’re invited to help us with ‘fall cleaning’ in the morning (9:00 am)

Also on the 21st,  from 1 to 3 pm is an  open house at the West Weber Cultural Hall to celebrate Wendell Petterson’s 100th birthday!

Sunday Oct 29th is a fifth Sunday, so our fellowship time after service will be a little different than usual; but it’s not a pot luck this time. Elaine and the Fellowship Committee will be putting on a spaghetti dinner.  This is a fund raiser to help support youth camp/mission trips. There will also be a silent auction, and we’ve already had several nice items donated.

And of course we’ll have our regular Bible Study at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays, the prayer meeting at 11:30 am on Thursday, and the “Outreach” small group on Thursday at 6:00 PM



Can you help

I just got a phone call,asking if as a church we would be willing to go to a local care facility to do a bible study (Some of the residents have asked for one–it might include bible study, or music, or maybe providing a movie) Would you be willing to help? The activities director is going to send me some info about times that might work. And we’ll have some flexibility with scheduling.

Time Change, prayer, and other stuff

Remember that this Sunday we’ll be switching back to the regular schedule. (Sunday school 9:45/worship 11:00 am) And with the time change, comes a change in music. We have a new pianist; please plan on being here to welcome Holly to the FBC/NBCC family.
There is still an opportunity to contribute to OGHS for  Hurricane/tornado/earthquake/fire/flooding relief. Green envelopes available (or just put ‘OGHS’ on the memo line!
We have a rummage sale scheduled for Saturday from 8-11: am.   We’re planning on splitting the profits between Hurricane relief  (OGHS) and  our youth programs. cleaning out your closets? Bring those treasures to the church tomorrow
Also please take a moment to pray for all those affected nearby or far away.  In a portion of Asia that covers India/Bangladesh and Nepal they have been 1300 fatalities. VietNam is gearing up for a Typhoon. There was a school shooting in Washington State, people in our community (and other communities) are hungry, and as it starts to cool down, they’ll be cold.
People need jobs, housing, food, and the basics for a healthy life style.
Listen for God’s voice, then learn to follow in the direction in which He is leading you.

A lot going on!

There’s a lot happening this week at Ogden First Baptist Church,  and you’re invited:
This evening (Tuesday) 6:00-7:00 pm. Last night of Prayze Dogs for the summer. We fire up the grill and cook hot-dogs….great way to meet the neighbors (and feed some hungry people!) AND it’s free.

Thursday: 11:30 am we meet to pray for the community and the world. Join us if you can, or feel free to send me your prayer requests: reply to this message, phone (810-621-1761) or email (

Saturday Sept 16, 8:00 -11:00 am RUMMAGE SALE

Saturday Sept 16, 11:00 am  The women of the church will meet for fellowship and fun.

AND Sunday we return to our regular schedule: Sunday School at 9:45 and Worship at 11:00 am,

please join us for any or all of this weeks events.


Pastor Karl

Help for Harvey and Irma relief

With Hurricane Irma heading toward Florida after damaging or destroying 90% of the buildings on the Island of Barbuda, and causing flooding, electrical outages and fatalities throughout the Caribbean, One Great Hour of Sharing is going to be tapped again. If you didn’t get a chance to contribute last Sunday, you can still make a donation.. Make checks out to Ogden FBC (and put OGHS in the memo line) (if you also use the green envelopes, that will also help Sher determine that this is for OGHS and not the regular offering… As always, special gifts like this should be in addition to your regular tithe/gift to the church–not instead of.