My last update

Well, as the wise man said, “For everything there is a season.” And my season as pastor at FBC is rapidly coming to an end. Unless there is ‘breaking news’ this will likely be my last update, since my time here is officially over tomorrow. Yesterday was my last day in the pulpit, and then I wandered into the fellowship hall where there was a fundraiser meal and silent auction happening. I wanted to say good bye to everyone, but people were wandering, and as I tried to go from one table, one group to another, someone would approach me—sidetracked once again.

I so appreciate the many well wishes, from so many of you who have been such a vital part of my time here. Some of you were here when I started, and some of you have just recently joined the FBC/NBCC family. Each of you is an important part of this church, and my prayer is that during this time of transition you will continue to be a family, and to grow on your faith walk.