Baptisms this Sunday (OCT 15)

I’m so excited about this Sunday! we have several people planning on getting baptized,and then joining this local congregation.  It’s been quite a while since we’ve had this many people getting baptized in a single service.  I was thinking that maybe we should go to the River, but this time of year the water may be a little chilly for some people’s taste☺

A while ago I had the opportunity to go some of the old records (1943-45) and they kept a written record of every service, including how many people were in attendance, how many responded to the Altar Call, and then how many of them were approved by the deacons for baptism and membership.  The entry for the next evening service generally went something like this:

Everyone approved by the deacons for baptism at the last service was                                    baptized and accepted into membership.

Once in a while that statement would be followed by something along the lines of

(except for _____________ who was absent because of the flu)

So it’s exciting to see people (especially those from outside the church) wanting to follow Jesus into the baptismal waters.

Lighten your day– listen  to this Baptism Song by Randy Travis