Time Change, prayer, and other stuff

Remember that this Sunday we’ll be switching back to the regular schedule. (Sunday school 9:45/worship 11:00 am) And with the time change, comes a change in music. We have a new pianist; please plan on being here to welcome Holly to the FBC/NBCC family.
There is still an opportunity to contribute to OGHS for  Hurricane/tornado/earthquake/fire/flooding relief. Green envelopes available (or just put ‘OGHS’ on the memo line!
We have a rummage sale scheduled for Saturday from 8-11: am.   We’re planning on splitting the profits between Hurricane relief  (OGHS) and  our youth programs. cleaning out your closets? Bring those treasures to the church tomorrow
Also please take a moment to pray for all those affected nearby or far away.  In a portion of Asia that covers India/Bangladesh and Nepal they have been 1300 fatalities. VietNam is gearing up for a Typhoon. There was a school shooting in Washington State, people in our community (and other communities) are hungry, and as it starts to cool down, they’ll be cold.
People need jobs, housing, food, and the basics for a healthy life style.
Listen for God’s voice, then learn to follow in the direction in which He is leading you.