The prayer needs are great in Ogden

Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Notice the people who seem to be wandering without a sense of purpose. Get brave and ask how they are doing. Mean it. Listen to their answers. Take it a step further and ask if you can pray with them, or how you can pray for them. Many people, even if they don’t go to your church, even if they claim to not be a believer, will let you pray for them when the chips are down.

We’ve decided to restart one of what used to be a very powerful ministry here at Ogden First Baptist Church. We’re going to meet weekly, Thursday at 11:30 to pray for each other, for our church, and for the community.

You’re invited to join us. Can’t make it at 11:30 on Thursday?  You can pray from where you are, and of course you can send us your prayer requests and we’ll lift them up.

Prayer is a pretty powerful and effective tool against the darkness of the world. Why not help us bring God’s light to bear on the evil we see around us.