First Friday Coffee with the Ogden Police Department

First Friday Coffee with the Ogden Police Department

What a great idea! Diana, Ogden Police Department’s Community Outreach Coordinator arranges a monthly event designed to allow members of the community to interact with members of the department. This morning, it was held at The Daily Rise.  Several officers are there, there’s free coffee, and a great atmosphere.

I went because there’s something about coffee, but also to show support for the Department. Others showed up because they had questions, and one lady even showed up with a thankyou note for the officers who had responded to a recent 911 call.

I think this is such a great idea on so many different levels, first and foremost being that getting to know the officers who are likely patrolling in your neighborhood before you need them makes it easier to ask for help later. Personal relationships are so important in every other aspect of our life—family, school, work, church, and the sports or other social activities—why should this be any different.

In my work as a corporate chaplain, I often hear that a lot of problems can be avoided when people know in advance where they can turn for help. Like a school principal or the HR person at work, a police officer is not your enemy. They might have to respond or react to your inappropriate behavior, but the goal would always be to address the issue before it becomes a major problem.

These men and women have a tough job, somedays you can make it a little easier for them, just by offering a smile when they drive by.  And by the way, I would imagine that on a regular basis they see things that no human being should ever have to see. Pray boldly for their safety and peace of mind.