Chronic hunger is a major problem in our cities

Chronic Hunger is a major problem. I’ve read estimates that say that as many as 1 in 6 children regularly go to bed hungry. And that’s not in some far off third world country: it’s right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

When children are hungry they don’t do well in school. which leads to high drop-out rates, which leads to drug use, gang involvement and prostitution–all of which means that after not doing well in school, many of these kids grow up and don’t do well at life either.

You may not be aware that many students in the OGDEN schools rely on the meals served at school as a major source of the food they consume on a regular basis. A high number of students qualify for free or reduced lunch because of the financial situation of their parent(s).   So they get to eat when school is in session.  That’s good, but what about the summer months? There is a feeding program, but there are gaps between the time that school got out LAST week, and the lunch program starts NEXT week. Similarly there will be a gap between the time that the program ends in July and school starts in August.

Here’s where we plan to help. During the gap weeks, we’re packaging a brunch and serving kids in the neighborhood two times a week (Wed and Fri, 11:15-12:00 noon). The advertising that we’ve done is sending home the information with each of the 500+ students at a local school.

We’re praying that God will do great things through this, that He will take us to where we’ve never been before, and that He’ll bring us people who want to hear about Jesus. (We already know that people who need to hear about Jesus will be here!)

So we have some great opportunities to share the Gospel, and advance the Kingdom. Are you ready?