Worship in the Fellowship Hall

Thanks to Gary and a slew of helpers the sanctuary is about cleaned out and ready for the painters (they’ll be starting tomorrow).  That means that the fellowship hall is full of pews, and there is other stuff in the Sunday school rooms.

Since the sanctuary is empty, we needed another place to worship, and the logical place is the Fellowship Hall.  Church in a gym? well, lots of churches manage to have their worship service in places other than a fancy sanctuary.  We pulled out the old projector that we used to use before we got the monitors and put up one of those really old-fashioned AV screens. David was able to procure a portable sound system, and we sang along to some CDs.

Back in the day, or so I’ve been told, worship services were held in what is now the fellowship hall. That’s because the congregation moved from their previous location to this building before it was completely finished. (that was in 1926, so there probably aren’t a lot of people who remember that).

We made it work…of course it helps knowing that it’s only temporary.

See you Sunday