Half way through Lent

Ash Wednesday has come and gone, and we’re quickly approaching the half-way point of the Lenten season. Many Christians around the world have already found the time and the way to deepen their relationship with the Living Lord.

Some people have chosen the ancient practice of fasting, others have deliberately spent more time in prayer or studying scripture.  Others remember Jesus reading from the scroll of Isaiah, and have become more intentional about serving others.

Whatever practice they have chosen to emulate, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about giving up food, money or time for a season, it’s about drawing closer to God, becoming more aware of His purpose, and His desire for us to know Him, to follow Jesus, and to join God on the Mission that he has had since the beginning: reconciliation and redemption of fallen mankind

As we look ahead to Good Friday, and the joyous Easter/Resurrection Sunday, please spend some time in prayer–asking God what His plans for you are.