Upcoming ‘town hall’ meeting Friday. Feb 10 7:00 pm

Young people, (and for this moment we’re defining that as from the age of about 18 to about 40. Millennials and the earliest of Gen Zers) face many challenges. For many in our community, just graduating high school is a challenge. Suicide among young people in Utah is at alarming level. Many people grow up without strong parent figures to help them navigate the challenges of school, work, family and life in general. There is the scourge of alcoholism and drug addiction that also takes its toll. Church as many of us know it does not always appeal to the members of GENS Y, and Z. We looking for ways to interact with that demographic of our community with dignity and respect, honoring and encouraging the contributions that they can make to the community. If they succeed, we all succeed.

With an Administrative Board comprised mostly of Boomers and Busters, we know that we that we can start any number of programs that current generations should appreciate and enjoy, but without understanding the mindset of that demographic, chances are we’re not going to be very successful. To begin that process, we want to talk to them and start to try and understand what they think and feel about church, about Christ, and about the ways that we, as a congregation, can reach out to and partner with them on their faith walk.

So, we’re hosting a ‘Town Hall” meeting on Friday February 10, at 7:00 p.m. at Ogden First Baptist Church (2519 Jefferson Ave in Ogden.) It’s an informal opportunity for us to get together in an informal setting and dialogue with that demographic in our church congregation, their friends, and the community at large, about how we can all work together to make a difference in our community. The meeting is open to the public, and we invite people between 18 and 40 from any faith, or those of no faith preference at all, to join us.
If you have questions about this meeting, or would like to let us know you’re planning on attending, please email Pastor Karl at kwdumas@gmail.com. If we have advance notice, we’ll also see about providing childcare.