Crazy weather means phone calls and texts

After the winter storm on  Saturday night/Sunday morning made traveling conditions a little dicier than was safe for many of the congregation, the decision was made to  cancel the 11:00 am service.  I apologize if you didn’t get the word, and braved the elements to get here, only to find the doors locked.  This has only happened 3 times since I’ve been here (going on 11 years now).

But this brings up another problem that we need to address now, and stay on top of. How do we notify people when something like this happens. It would be nice if every member of the congregation had  a smart phone and got their email there, but that’s not the case. Not everyone has a smart phone that I can send a text to with the important information of the day.

The board will be looking at this soon, and hopefully be able to come up with a solution that works for most if not all. But we need your help: if we don’t have a current phone number for you, as hard as we try we won’t be getting in touch with you. Sher is working on an updated directory, please make sure she has your current information.