welcome to 2017

Another year has come and gone, along with many of the fads and ‘must-have’ things of the past year. One thing that seems to remain constant, though is church. Ogden FBC/NBCC doesn’t hold records for longevity when compared to the East coast, but with 135 years of ministry under our belts, we have been around for a while.

Maybe you’ve never been a church-goer–you’re still welcome. maybe you, like many others, grew up in church, then let school, work, or family get in the way, but now it’s time to go back to your roots. Come join us.

And a lot of people have given up on church, until one day a significant life event happens, and they find that a loving church family is what is needed to help them through the storm. You probably have to connect with a church to find that family.

Maybe you have been telling yourself for years that it’s time to find a church, doesn’t matter the reason why, (or why you haven’t found that church) but perhaps 2017 is the year that you stick with that New Year’s Resolution.

See you in church this Sunday. (11:00 am, Ogden First Baptist Church, corner of 25th St and Jefferson Ave –(2519 Jefferson Ave).  Casual dress okay.