pray in the stores you visit

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. While you’re out shopping today, why not take a moment to pray for each store employee with whom you come in contact. Last minute shopping might bring out the best in people, but it can also bring out the worst. Retail employees have to deal with both, and they are expected to do so with a smile on the face, and for hours at a time. It’s not their fault that the store doesn’t have any more of the toy you want, or that the perfect sweater isn’t available in the color your mother likes. Be nice, wish them a Merry Christmas, say a prayer, and if it seems appropriate tell them you’ve just prayed for them. You might even invite them to the Christmas Eve service that you plan on attending. (be sure to greet them when they surprise you and show up simply because you invited them–it’s scary sometimes to walk into a strange place, scary goes away quickly when they see a familiar face)