What Does Advent Mean to You?

Maybe you’re still eating the Thanksgiving leftovers, maybe you’re still shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales seem to be lasting 24 days now instead of 24 hours.

But for the church this month leading up to Christmas is about more than decorations, baking and and those super good deals on stuff you really don’t need. For the Church this is a time of preparation, a time of expectation, and a time of hope. We’re agog with expectation as we prepare for what we hope will be the second coming, the return of the Christ.

Our sermon series leading up to Christmas is simply called “Advent: Then & Now” and through it we’ll be exploring what happened 2000 years ago–the who where, when, how and why questions. And then we have to look at those same questions as they pertain to the return of Jesus.  We’ll finish on Christmas Eve by asking the why questions–why did he come 2000 years ago and why is he coming again. Tied into that we’ll tell the Christmas story, sing some of the familiar Christmas carols, and close by singing Silent Night.

Christmas Eve is less than 3 weeks away. I hope you’re planning on attending, and I hope you’ll be bringing a friend.