starting Saturday nov 19

Just a reminder of stuff going on this weekend.

We start on Saturday when the men meet at the church at 8:30.  We want to clean up the parking lot and our ‘lawn’ on the east side of the building. Rakes, gloves, leaf-blowers. There’s also some trimming to do on the west side of the parking lot. Ice melt needs to come up from the basement, and some of the left over shoe boxes need to find a home upstairs.

The women will be meeting at the church at 11:00 for their meeting.

As most of you know I have been volunteering with a refugee family. My volunteer team and family will be having a pot luck at 1:00pm (just so you don’t get too surprised if you drive by and see the cars.)

Saturday is also my chiropractors Patient appreciation day. He asks people to bring in donations for our food pantry, so Robyn will have some sorting to do☺

On Sunday after the service, there will be a board meeting. Dave wants to keep it short, and we also want to spend time in prayer for the church and the community

Wednesday at 4:00pm is our annual thanksgiving eve service and pie social. Bring a joyful heart, a friend and your favorite pie.

Lots of changes in the weather over the next few days. Stay warm, and be careful when you go outside, at times the sidewalks and streets are slipperier than they might appear.

See you Saturday, or Sunday, or Tuesday (6:30 for Bible Study) or Wednesday…..