Dallas Shooting

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now. Last night in Dallas, 4 police officers killed and 7 wounded; now the tally is 5 dead, and one of the 6 wounded officers is still in critical condition. This happened at a rally after officers from two different departments (in other states) were involved in what are being described as unnecessary shootings of innocent Black men who were stopped for traffic violations.

Coincidentally I received a phone call this morning from someone who lives about 2 miles from where the incident took place, as we talked I said I was getting ready to post about this senseless and tragic shooting. He mentioned that he has a couple of friends on the Dallas Police Department, so I asked him to let them know that people in Ogden, UT are praying for them today.

I have also emailed Mayor Caldwell to let him know that as a congregation we are praying for and want to express our support for the brave men and women of the Ogden Police Department.

These senseless killings (from both sides of the discussion) need to stop. The Church might need to take the lead. As people learn to listen to Jesus instead of the “father of lies’ things WILL get better. (read Romans 10:13-15)  As Christians we are called to GO, and in our going make disciples. Sometimes going means that we leave our comfort zones and go across the ocean, sometimes it means going down the street to visit the immigrants, displaced persons or refugees who are our neighbors, ans sometimes it means being in the boat in the midst of the storm (read Matthew 8:23-26) . Following Jesus is not always the safest thing we can do, but it is the best thing we can do.

So today I ask that you spend extra time in prayer, praying for the Dallas Police Department as they grieve the loss of 5 brothers-in-arms, and also the Ogden Police Department, because these shootings, regardless of where they happen, affect the members of our local police force too. Pray that if there are ‘bad cops’ – those with a racist agenda – that they would be found and weeded out before anymore unnecessary deaths occur. Pray for the families of those who serve, that they might have peace as their loved ones go forth to protect and serve our communities, and pray for Police officers here and in other cities, that in the midst of the confusion and tension that they would be guarded, protected and  kept safe as they perform their duties.