135th a “wonderful feast”

Yesterday we celebrated the 135th anniversary of ministry here in Ogden for Ogden First Baptist Church. A lot of people put in a lot of work in the days and weeks leading up to our celebration, but it was worth it. I can’t begin to count the hours that were spent cleaning, touching up, and preparing the bulletins, flyers, invitations, and yes the food! And a lot more time was spent going through the basement looking for relics of our past, and arranging displays, historical, current, and a hope for the future.

As we got close to the event, it started hailing…the patio outside my office was covered with hail stones just big enough to block the holes in the drain. I didn’t need to shovel, but did stand in the rain for about 5 minutes with a broom, sweeping the hail off the drain so that the water could get through. A few minutes later though, the sun came out and we had  beautiful weather for the celebration.

Pastors Curtis Price from First Baptist of SLC (est 1883) and Carey McCall from New Zion Baptist Church here in Ogden (est 1926) were our guest speakers and both did a super job of helping us understand the need to stay Zealous for the Lord, and look towards the future that He has for us.  Our own choir performed and the New Zion Sounds of Praise Choir also provided music Ministry. As always Stephanie did a great job on the piano.

Governor Herbert and Mayor Caldwell sent greetings, as did a member of the Quorum of the 70 of the LDS Church. People came to celebrate with us because they had seen the marquis, or read about the service in the paper (thanks, JaNae)

Jennifer posted a lot of pictures on FaceBook, and Suzanne sent me some pictures that she took, I put a bunch of them on the church face book page. If you have some great pictures, please send them my way so we can add them to the collection.