2016 Ogden Day of Prayer

Yesterday’s National Day of Prayer event at Ogden’s Municipal Building, was according to most accounts a great success. More than 80 people gathered to pray for the nation, and the city.  There was a great article in today’s Standard Examiner. you can read it here. If you’re on twitter you can also look for @JaNaeFrancisSE.  She did some video reporting and ‘met’ a lot of people including Sher.

The other day I read a blog post that encouraged people to pray with ‘eyes open’.  As pastors and ministry leaders prayed for government leaders at all levels, Military members, families, abortion alternatives, the media, the economy, education, churches and pastors, and my prayer for immigrants, refugees and the desired Christian response to their presence, I  kept my eyes open and saw that every group that we were praying for was represented in the crowd.

If prayer was something that we were only supposed to worry about one day a year, there might be a lot more people praying. Let’s remember that prayer is a sweet time  with God, something that we should look forward to each day, and not use as a last resort, or an annual public event.

Pray for each other!