Longkumer Visit

What a delight it was to hear from Katie Longkumer yesterday. Katie and her husband Taku are missionaries, or to use the politically correct term, development workers, in Nagaland in Northeast India.  Their work there involves training local pastors and working with several different Baptist Conventions throughout the country. Recently they are seeing many new house churches, which means many new pastors needing guidance on church life.

Some of you may remember when every ABC-USA church supported (or was expected to support) International Ministries. Churches sent in their apportionment and IM distributed to individual missionaries proportionately. Things have changed and the Development Workers (as they are now often called) are responsible for raising much of their own support.

We have a wonderful opportunity to help support the Longkumers, because a generous donor has offered a significant sum of money to be used as a matching grant. New supporting funds will be matched so your/our gifts are doubled.

It is important to include on the check “Spring 2016 Matching Opportunity-Longkumer”

Remember, this Sunday we will take up a special ‘love offering’ to help support Katie and Taku in their important Great Commission work.

You may also make a one time gift on-line with a credit card, or by check. And you may also make a regular monthly donation (credit card or check). The Longkumers also covet your prayer support, and if you signed up for it, they will email updates through-out the year.