Shoeboxes and More

Remember Myra needs some help filling shoeboxes. We have about 150 boxes assembled, we have toys, school supplies and hygiene items, now we need willing hands to put things into those boxes.  Meet at the church Saturday, Nov 7th,  at 10:00 am

Connie and the Sunday school class continues to collect socks and hygiene items and throughout the year has been assembling hygiene kits for the Ogden Rescue Mission.  Deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste are in short supply.  Thanks to my Dentist, Dr Robbins at West Point Dental, we have plenty of toothbrushes.

People are hungry, so we have given away a lot of food bags lately. Chili, peanut butter, canned fruit, canned meat and cereal are high on the list of what is running low.  My Chiropractor (Dr Brad Young of Young Family Chiropractic in Layton) will be having his patient appreciation day in a couple of weeks — he ‘charges’ non-perishable food items, and our food pantry benefits from that.

Wayne set the optimistic goal of 1000 scarves, we may not reach it, but come early December we’ll be strategically placing them around the area. My friends Cheryl and John live in Florida. Cheryl likes to knit, so she has sent some scarves and recently emailed that she’ll be sending some more. And many of you have seen Sara in Church, Sunday school, and Bible Study as she crochets. She has also made some scarves out of fleece blankets, and would be glad to show you how she does it.

Aranda’s Martial Arts (where Nolan has studied Karate for 15 years) has a box where students can drop food items. If they bring enough in, they get credit towards a ‘community service stripe’ which counts towards their belt promotion.

Many thanks to our Ogden Fire Fighter friends who donated some (new) coats. Speaking of the fire department, we recently gave them several large bags full of stuffed animals. We collect them as they come in, and when there seems to be enough, I either offer them to the firefighters who meet here once a month, or take them to the Police Department. Traumatized kids get a lot of comfort from them

Did you notice the number of people who don’t attend our church, but still help us. In the past students at NUAMES and North Davis Preparatory School have helped us out.

Ask the Principal or a teacher at your favorite school if they can help. Ask your chiropractor if he has a ”patient appreciation day’ and  if so if there’s a way he/she could help with one of our projects. Ask your dentist for a few toothbrushes/tubes of toothpaste (they give every patient a ‘swag bag’ at every checkup) Ask the people in your coffee klatch or book club if they knit or crochet. Keep track of the gutter balls on your bowling team and charge a can of food for everyone.  Be creative in who you ask, and how. When people know what we’re doing, they want to help!

We are truly blessed by people in our circle of influence, and with their help and YOUR help, we can truly bless others.