Election Day is next Tuesday

John Wesley, so I’m told, used to tell the pastors under his jurisdiction that they should research issues and candidates, and tell their congregations ‘how’ to vote. While I might think that’s a wonderful idea, I also am wise enough to know that the IRS would have a field day with that.  I’m not willing to risk our task exempt status, but there are things I can say. So let’s talk politics:

Tuesday Nov 3,2015 is election day (The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November). In the city where I live, and the in the city where I work, there will be elections for a number of positions, and an question concerning a new tax.  The powers that be make it easier and easier for us to vote. Many municipalities send out ‘mail-in’ ballots; sometimes early voting is offered, and of course you can go to the polls on election day to cast your ballot.

The important thing is that you vote. Exercise that right that is ours because of the blood shed by others, because of the sacrifices that others have made to ensure that our Constitutional rights are not trampled on.

And we remember that for Christians the exhortation found in the Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy is that we are supposed to pray for those in authority.  Even if the person who wins the election is not the person for whom you voted, you are told to pray.

Why not start today. Pray for all the elected officials, – national, state, county, municipality- Pray for the person you’ll vote for on Tuesday, and pray for his/her opponent. And then keep praying.