lots of stuff happening

WOW! the next few weeks have lots of important stuff going on. As the House tries to decide if one of their own gets to be speaker or if they want to bring in someone from the outside (any volunteers?), we have elections coming up locally also.  It’s not my job as a pastor to tell you who to vote for, but I can encourage you to get informed and then vote! There are lots of good candidates running, let your voice be heard. The other thing that I can say as a pastor is to pray for the candidates. One of them is going to win and then you get to pray for him/her anyway. Why slam someone today because you don’t like his politics and then pray for him tomorrow as directed in 1 Timothy (2:1-2). (by the way we’ll be having elections for the 2016 church board in late November: another chance to make your voice heard.

On Saturday, Nov 14th there will be a multi-cultural worship workshop.  There will be a panel discussion in the morning, planned for pastors and worship leaders. panelists will discuss strategy for designing worship experience. We hope that the take-away will be some useful tools for putting together the Sunday service.  At 1:00 pm there will be a worship service. Prayer, scripture, and music representing several worship styles. The service will be open to the public and I hope many of you will join us at “Nuevas Alturas” (New Heights) 1720 Washington Blvd.

Then, thanks to our friends at the Vine Institute, Michelle Warren from Christian Community Development Association (www.ccda.org) will be in town. She’ll be speaking to ministry leaders in SLC at a luncheon on Nov 18th, and then will be speaking to Ministry leaders in the Ogden area at a breakfast on Thursday Nov 19th.  I’ve talked to her on the phone and am in contact with her regularly.  At some point there will be a public showing of the film “The Stranger” followed by a Q&A.   If it sounds familiar, it’s because you follow me on twitter or facebook and keep seeing Bible verses with a Day# #iwasastranger or “I Was a Stranger”

Over a year ago about 10 of us watched a film called “Veil of Tears”. It’s a brutally honest depiction of life for many women in India. Sex trade, exploitation, ‘Widow’s Island’.  We have the opportunity to show it again, and to show it to a broader audience. Sometimes it seems like it’s too much, but other times, once we become aware of the situation, we can do something about it.

And of course Reformation Day, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are almost here.  Who are you bringing to the service on Christmas Eve?