Opportunities to serve

This is the time of year that everyone, including us, starts getting serious about loving and serving others.  We have several opportunities to get involved, all you have to do is ask…but in case you haven’t asked yet, let me give you some ideas.

  1. Scarf Project:  Wayne F, the chair of our evangelism division is collecting scarves. He has set an ambitious goal of 1000 scarves, and we still have a ways to go. You can knit, crochet, cut and tie fleece, clean out your closets or go to the store. We’re looking for warm scarves which Wayne and Alix, along with some volunteers will, in early December, strategically place so that people who are cold can ‘rescue’ them and put them to good use.
  2. Hygiene Kits:  Each year we collect socks and hygiene items which are turned into hygiene kits for the clients of the Ogden Rescue Mission. Connie has the kids in Sunday School help in assembling some kits, and we partner with the 6th graders at North Davis Preparatory Academy to get the rest done. Extra supplies go to the Rescue Mission for them to use as needed.
  3. Samaritans Purse Christmas Shoe Boxes:  For many years we have collected toys, hygiene and grooming items, and school supplies and then assembled “shoeboxes”.  (No war toys, liquids, or aerosols, or chocolate (gum and hard candy ok)). Last year we had about 150+ boxes which George and Myra delivered to a collection point here in Ogden, That church took many hundreds of boxes to the Salt Lake Church which collects from this area; they get them to the regional processing location in Denver.  There the boxes are checked to make sure that they are no ‘forbidden’ items, repacked as necessary, and distributed to children all over the world. Along with the “Christmas present” children are told about Jesus and his love for them. In many cases this is the first time that the girls and boys have heard about the Savior.
  4. Food Pantry: We have a small food pantry here, (non-perishables only) which is possible because our generous congregation  and partners/friends donate food items. Special thanks to Dr Brad Young of Young Chiropractic in Layton who for the past several years has held a “Patient Appreciation Day and ask patients to pay for a chiropractic adjustment with food items.  Aranda’s Martial Arts in Sunset is another faithful partner, where the students are encouraged to support our food pantry as a way of learning the importance of serving others.  As it gets cooler we also like to have some blankets and coats/jackets/sweaters, hats/gloves available for those who may need some protection from the elements.
  5. Heifer Project. The Kids’ Sunday school class had a project to raise money to buy chickens, ducks and rabbits for families in depressed areas of the world. When a family receives animals from Heifer Project, they also get training on how to care for the animals and to use them to improve their quality of life.  Another great thing that Heifer requires is that the family agrees to give the first offspring to another family. Over time whole villages are transformed, people are healthier, and some families make enough money by selling meat, eggs, milk, meat, plus the vegetables that come out of more-productive gardens, to send children to school.