pray for the Ogden Rescue Mission

I was just at the Rescue Mission’s Thrift Store, yeah, the one that’s closing it’s doors. I didn’t go to buy anything today, the store closed to the public yesterday. I went to drop Nolan off so that he could spend some time helping them bale clothes, load trucks, sweep floors, fill dumpsters or what ever.

There’s a lot of pressure to get things done, stress levels are high, and in the process people’s feelings are getting hurt. Please pray that they would have patience and learn to display grace during an extremely stressful time.

there are a lot of needs right now, one being a new location for the thrift shop, and another being an extra portion of everything she needs for Judy who is stepping up fill the role of Executive director.  And of course financial donations are gratefully accepted.  Not only is there the loss of revenue from the store, they have a large repair/upgrade to the heating/AC system  that needs to be made, with the estimated cost in the range of $10,000.00

Next week is the Balloon festival in Eden, for years this has been a successful fundraiser for the mission, as they make/serve breakfast and then also sell hamburgers and hot dogs during the evening.  Pray for safety and patience, as the participants in the New Life program and staff get up at 3:30 am to head to Eden to be ready for the breakfast crowd.