Prayers For ABC group journeying to the Taize community

This week a group of American Baptist young people are traveling to the Taize community in Northern France. I ask that you keep them in prayer as they travel, and for many are exposed to a different culture. (the last time Rev Berglund took a group, there were 72 different languages spoken by about 5,000 young people (18-30). Since we’ve been incorporating Taize into our services from time to time, I thought i would share this excerpt of the announcement with you.

Taizé and American Baptists

This week, I am leaving to lead another group of pilgrims to the community in France. This group, made up of American Baptist young adults from around the U.S., an ABC pastor from New York and others from a variety of denominations. Because of the community’s emphasis on ecumenism, young people and a world-wide ministry of social justice in Christ’s name, American Baptists find much in common with Taizé’s ministry.
Rev. Brad Berglund

You can read the whole story here: