First Thursday Prayer

I started First Thursday prayer early today. Stopped at 2549 Washington Blvd and ‘prayer walked” the “Municipal Building”. Prayed for leaders at all levels of government, for police, firefighters and EMT’s (First Responders” and for the church, that we don’t get so used to the violence and injustice in the world that our hearts become hardened.

The prayer for hearts that won’t be hardened is that I heard on the news this morning that some journalism students held a vigil in honor of the 2nd American journalist to be beheaded by ISIS. One student commented that as a nation we are becoming so used to this sort of thing, that we don’t get as concerned/upset/angry as we used to. We simply don’t care unless it affects us directly. My take is that it’s much like the profanity/nudity/sex/violence/ that we see on TV, little by little more has been added, but it was in such tiny increments that we didn’t notice. What we used to have to sneak into an R-rated movie to see (so no one would see us) is now available on prime-time TV. And thanks to netflicks and other services, the X-rated stuff is easily available too – and no one seems to care.

Some of us will meet at the church today at 11:30 to continue “First Thursday Prayer”. All invited!