hot dogs and stuff

Last night the rain held off, and we held the hot dog night as scheduled. A small but hungry crowd ☺ Best estimate is that we went through about 17 packs of hot dogs. Favorite story of the night, all of our guests had left except for one couple, there were 3 hotdogs and 2 buns left, and Bob asked them (or they asked him) if they wanted to (could) take them home. As they stood there talking a young man rode up on his bike and asked if there were any hot dogs left…the lady didn’t hesitate a bit, but offered the remaining dogs to him. He took one, said thanks and pedaled off. We continued our conversation and another young man came up hoping to get a hot dog….again no hesitation, and he gratefully took what may have been the only meal he had yesterday. I love sharing – and seeing others share- Jesus’ love: no strings attached

At a recent luncheon held here at the church, we noticed that some of our older tables have become more of a safety hazard than a tool. This morning, the appropriate decision making authority’s approval, Dale and I went to Lifetime products and got some replacement tables. dale hauled off the old ones. We have also noticed that our tablecloths have served their purpose for a long time, so we’ll be looking into procuring new ones. This Sunday I’ll be asking for your help…(and you ju$t know that I mean a ba$ket in the fellow$hip hall during afterglow).