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Where did the summer go? Teachers are back to work, students in one school district go back to school next Wednesday, Weber State classes start a week from Monday. The Back to School sales are starting – this is a good time to look for things for the Samaritans Purse shoeboxes. Last year we filled 150 boxes. What will this years total be.

On the church calendar, this time of year, from Pentecost to Advent is called Ordinary Time, but church life is rarely ordinary.

In just a couple of weeks (on Sept 7) we’ll recognize the end of the summer season with our annual Pot Luck at Camp UTABA, and the following week we’ll be back to the regular schedule for Sunday School (9:45) followed by worship (11:00 am).

Over the summer we took a break from our Tuesday evening study, but in it’s place we met some neighbors and fed some hungry people a couple of times a month. (I’m expecting a story about our hotdog ministry in the Aug 16 Standard Examiner). But all too soon it will be getting dark earlier and it won’t be any fun to stand out in the dark, and the cold waiting to see if anyone is out wandering, and willing to slow down to visit.

Erica, Layne, Nolan and I went with Laura and 8 youth from Clearfield Community Church (CCC) to Cortez, CO to spend a few days serving that community. I was at CCC on Wednesday and the youth are already asking “where are we going next year. Mission is fundamental to the health of the Church, to Kingdom growth, and to obedience to the Great Commission (see Matt 28:19-20). It also helps us obey Jesus’ command to love others. It would be nice if we could put together a trip for adults too, but sometimes that’s a little more problematic. Interested? Talk to me. ( I’m trying to figure out a way to get to India, but we could do something closer to home)

Midweek Study will start again on Tuesday, Sept 16th. I’m hoping to have a worship special service that evening, and then start with a study the following week. Stay tuned! In the meantime it would be nice to have some input – what would you like to study. Some thoughts include 1) the Ten Commandments 2) a study of some of God’s attributes using either “Jesus Is_________” by Judah Smith or “Yawning at Tigers” by Drew Dyck as a starting point, 3) the Sermon on the mount, or 4) ????your ideas.

Several weeks ago a small group of us gathered to watch “A Veil of Tears”, a movie put out by Gospel For Asia, all of us were impacted, and we might show it again, this time publicizing it a little better and hopefully drawing a bigger crowd.

People are still hungry, so we continue to ask for donations to the food pantry, and we’ve also started a Kids clothing exchange. The concept is simple, bring in something that your child has outgrown, (or no longer likes the color of, or whatever) and swap
it for something else. It started slow, but the last time we held it (The 4th Saturday of each month at 10:00 am) Robyn served 8 families. These are people from this area – the neighbors that Jesus commanded us to love.

And before we realize that fall has started, it will be time to prepare for Christmas. The Advent season is such a beautiful one, and it’s a shame that we have to compete with “XX shopping days til Xmas”. Have some ideas on how to celebrate the “reason for the season”? We’d like to hear them

Celebrate the end of summer with an intentional ‘random act of kindness’!
Pastor Karl