Lent starts today

today starts Lent. 2014 Lenten Devotional
Lent is the period in the Christian calendar that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Traditionally, it’s a period of time that lasts 40 days (not counting Sundays) where Christians take time for reflection and introspection, fasting, and repentance. It’s a time to take stock of ourselves and draw closer to Christ, who died for our sins.
Often times, Christians choose to give up something important to them during this period and this year Pastor Karl has asked the congregation to put either the time or the money from that sacrifice to good use; Give the time to God (scripture, prayer, journaling, serving the church or the community); and if you give up something (Like Starbucks, M&M’s, movie night, soda, lottery tickets or ???) consider donating the money you would have spent to the Youth program (scholarships for Mission trips and Camp UTABA). We hope each of you will consider these requests prayerfully this season.
This devotional was written by many different members of the congregation; each offering a gift of the use of their God-given gifts to edify the church and bring glory to God. Consider it a song: last year it was sung as a duet, our Advent devotional was done by a small choir; and the 2014 Lenten devotional is being sung by an orchestra. It’s truly a labor of love; a gift from the church to the church. Many thanks to those who contributed their time and talents to make this idea a reality and a special thanks to Sher Buckway; without her this would remain just another good idea.
For this year’s devotional, the format of the daily devotions remains unchanged. However, instead of a theme for each week, six themes for the Lenten season interspersed throughout. Those six themes are: Repentance and Penance; Perseverance/Waiting; Mourning and Loss; Fasting and Giving; Spiritual Growth; and Obedience to God. For Holy Week, a verse was selected for each particular day. There is a short devotion for each day of Lent based on Scripture verses and a short prayer. As you read, please reflect on each passage and how it can apply to your particular situation; let the words and the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. It’s our prayer that this devotional helps bring perspective and growth in your Christian walk; drawing each nearer to the God we love and worship.
To God be the Glory!