hungry people and generous donations

Did you see the news (again) today on the decrease in Food Stamp allowances. the amount they mentioned may not seem like a lot if you don’t need it, but it can make a major difference in some people’s lives. It may mean having to decide whether to eat, to pay a utility bill, get much needed medication, and the list goes on. We don’t give out money, but thanks to generous donations from members and friends of our congregation we often have coats, blankets and non-perishable food items available for those who need a little help. HINT! HINT! My chiropractor has an annual patient appreciation day. Many of his patients take advantage of an extra adjustment to improve their chiropractic health. The ‘cost’? A donation of non perishable food items. And guess what? Dr Young (2112 Hill Field Rd in Layton, 801.774.0555) supports our food pantry. A big shout out to Dr Young and his patients for helping hungry people.