whats happening?

Women’s Sunday and Men’s Sunday have come and gone, both were a great success, and it’s appropriate to thank everyone involved with both of those special services. 

I came back from the ABC-NW Leadership Tuneup conference at Ross Point with lots to think about thanks to the very informative sessions with Dr Aubrey Malphurs. 

This evening is the Board meeting, Saturday (Oct 19) is the Fall clean-up – all are invited to help clean inside and outside the building. We get started at about 9:30 am, and finish up with a time of food and fellowship. 

Youth Group and Tuesday evening bible study both meet at 6:00 on, of course, Tuesday. 

Plans for the Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas seasons are already under way. 

So there’s lots going on, but those are the reasons to come to church.  But just coming to church doesn’t quite fulfill our purpose. instead we should be asking why we worship. As author James Magaw writes: “When I worship  I expose myself to the power of God without any personal control over the outcome…It is an awesome thing to know oneself fallen into the hands of the living God.” When we worship we do so in community with fellow believers, and then the things that we do that are ‘coming to church’ make sense.

Please join us in activity and in worship.