Clearfield Community Church celebrates God’s loving kindness

Last evening Meet Me in the Middle happened as usual at Clearfield Community Church, well almost as usual. Instead of a meal in the fellowship hall, followed by kids club, youth group and different studies, members of the community and the congregation met in the parking lot across the street from the building that was destroyed on Tuesday in a fire. The group met to sing praises to a loving God, to pray, and to spend some time in fellowship. It was so uplifting to see the smiles on peoples faces as they listened to Pastor John remind them of God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness. There are obviously a lot of memories in the building that has gone through many additions and upgrades since the first ‘church house’ was put on the grounds several decades ago, but in the end, a building is a building, things can be replaced, memories will last, and the church is the people involved in doing Kingdom work. The church council is already praying about what direction God wants them to head as they think about rebuilding. 

The community has stepped up to offer assistance to the church that has so frequently opened its doors to them, and at least for the next few weeks, services will be held at 10:00 am at a nearby elementary school. 

Continue to pray boldly for our sister church. 

article in the Standard Examiner on Thursday Mar 21 : 

you can also visit web sites for several of the local tv stations and see the video of their coverage.